I am literally obsessed with this professor!! I have never before had a professor that genuinely wants every single one of her students to succeed. She creates such a fun and easy-going classroom environment and does an incredible job of making everyone feel comfortable in asking questions without feeling stupid. She is willing to admit her mistakes but has so much knowledge of all topics she goes over and when a question arises even if she doesn’t have an immediate answer she will work to figure it out. She gives enough assignments that if you do poorly on one or on tests its not the end of the world and the test corrections aren’t just nice for that extra grade boost but it gives you the opportunity to actually learn from your mistakes. This is genuinely the first time in a GE course that I have felt like I have learned information that I will retain. We NEED more teachers like Wendy St. John!! Wendy St. John for president!!


“Global Environmental Issues” student evaluation