Teacup Rex

Welcome to Teacup Rex, my little corner of the internet.

If you’re wondering about the name of this blog, it’s a reference to what I hope science will give us in the very near future – genetically engineered chickens that look like dinosaurs. I’d especially love a miniature Tyrannosaurus rex. 

(Hush . . . what could possibly go wrong with a tiny T. rex?).

So, my tagline is somewhat tongue-in-cheek: improving the world by creating tiny dinosaurs. (And if you have engineered a tiny dinosaur and want to call it a Teacup Rex, please let me know – I’ll sell you this domain). 😀

But the tagline is also sincere, and as a scientist, university instructor, and parent, I wholeheartedly believe that the more everyone develops a genuine understanding of science, the better our world will become. So, this is mostly a science blog, with a particular focus on science education. Although I created this blog in March, 2017, I’ve compiled a number of posts I wrote over the past several years in various venues (mostly LiveJournal, Facebook, and Tumblr). In earlier posts, I talk about my own journey as an undergraduate and graduate biology student (including an intimate look at my thesis research into western pond turtles). More recently, I’m focusing on the view from the other side of the “podium,” and what it means to be a science educator myself.

You will find other things here too, from time to time – I’m also a photographer, wildlife rehabilitator, writer, and musician. But this blog is mostly about my own experiences with science. I sincerely hope you’ll enjoy following along on my journey.